Genome Evolution and Diversification in Syngnathid Fishes
  • Molecular Phylogenetics of the Syngnathidae
  • Phylogenetics of the Gasterosteiformes

  • Genome Evolution and MHC Diversification in the Syngnathidae

  • Sex Determination in Seahorses and Pipefishes 
Sexual Selection and Reproductive Isolation
  • Bergmann’s Rule and Mating Dynamics

  • Body Size and Mate Preference in Hippocampus

  • Hybridization and Post-mating Isolation in Syngnathus

  • Mating Behaviour in Australian Temperate-Water Seahorses

  • Mate Choice and Olfaction in Seahorses

  • Paternal Investment and Egg Size Evolution in Syngnathus

  • Phylogeography of European Pipefish 

Functional Genomics of Male Pregnancy

  • Hormonal Regulation of Seahorse Pregnancy

  • Genomics of Male Pregnancy in Seahorses and Pipefish

Historical Biogeography of African Freshwaters

  • Clupeid Phylogenetics

  • Phylogeography of African Pellonuline Herring

  • Ancient Lakes as Evolutionary Reservoirs: Evidence from Tanganyikan Gastropods