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Department of Biology
Brooklyn College
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Hippocampus erectus
Wilson Lab Research

Krystal Boley

E-Mail: kayboley*yahoo.com


Brooklyn College

BSc(Biology) - 2016

Major: Biology
Minor: Biochemistry

Research project:
Syngnathus fuscus husbandry and
behavioral study to determine
whether the number of mates in a
monogamous species is affected by
mate density.

Syngnathus fuscus
Photo courtesy of Reefs Magazine

Josh Khalfin

E-Mail: joshkhalfin*gmail.com


Brooklyn College

BSc(Biology) - 2017

Major: Biology
Macaulay Honors Student

Research project:
Metagenomic analysis of
environmental and gut microbes
of Hippocampus abdominalis
throughout New Zealand.

Josh with mentor, Professor Watson,
at Brooklyn College